After three years unemployed, here I am walking everywhere to find a job. I choose the call center industry because it can give me a decent income and job stability. I must say call center will give me a career. Career for those who dont finish their studies. Call center is booming here in our country and its one of the job that have high salary and lots of benefits. Oh! How I love to work because I badly need it and Im getting old I guess thats why I got to have a career. I have a daughter to sustain and a family that I want to help.

Lets go to my application on call center. It has not been good to me. I walk on seven centers I guess, and all of my application failed. Its kinda depressing because I hate rejection and sometimes Im thinking to give up. I attend a short training for call center wanna-be like me. But it frustating because I dont like our mentor, he is like playing whenever he teach us. It took 7 days to finish the training. After that, I got sick. I had fever, cough and cold for a week. Thats annoying because I want to look for a job and I had to stop my jobhunt. When I feel better, I apply again in a center that far from my place just to try my luck but destiny is not good to me so I failed again. Then I drop by a center near my place before I go home and I failed the initial interview. I want to give up. It breaks my heart knowing I cant get a job I want and I need.

The problem with me is number 1. Im too nervous. Interviewer always notice that because I sound like crying or scared when Im answering. I cant erase that but hopefully time will come and that will disappear. Number 2. They want a person that speak fluent in English, pronunciation and grammar. I have pauses or lapses they called. Grr. I hate myself.

Im finding a native speaker to help me out on my English. If you think you can help me, add me on skype: trixia3291. I want someone to talk to so I can train my English. We can talk about our personal lives, culture, interests and etc. Hope someone can read this. Im a friendly person. Im finding a friend who can help me. If you think your the one Im looking for just message me or add me on skype. Have a great day!



Making Money Online $_$

Been awake since 3am so I decided to write what’s on my mind. Ohh and it goes like… I wanna be rich, I want to have this thing, that thing.. Yeah, all of them. But wait, but I need to work on it. Right? I need to have $$$$. What will I share is my own experience about working online.
I’ve been an working online since 2010. I started working on PTC (Paid To Click), GPT (Get Paid To) its about getting paid to do offers; signing up on different sites, play games, etc. yes Im earning, a little. Grr. But I ended up on joining HYPE and lose money online.. And its like “what the f*ck? Did I just do that?”. Its depressing, it took long time for me to move on. Joining on site that promises you that when you invest with them your money will grow even you dont refer anyone. Oh what I dont see at first that its like gamble. You have to take a risk. I dont join Online Networking because Im shy on talking to anyone to join on my network and pay the fee. Who I am? Hehe. But on Hype at first I gain money, but I was too careless, its addictive. And I lose everything from my earning to my ptc’s to the last. And last year, my paypal got hacked. Oh my luck! I curse the internet! I cursed all of them! I got scammed!
This year Ive decided to go working online again but in a legit way. I signed up on odesk but it seems harder for me to find a work. Employers need someone with experience they want people with blahblah, can do blahblah. I guess its not for me. I am only starter. Cant do basics. Omg! Im hopeless.I am exploring online but kinda hard for me like read to read research and then gone.. (Oh trixia! You must be sent to school to get trained.)
How i wish Im able to find work then I wil enroll myself. Its hard to be alone. With no support. Its hard to live. Im dying. Lol. But I can do this. God is with me.

So help me God. 🙂

avon, fashion, makeup

My First Lipstick after 23 years of existence on Earth. :D

Hi. Hello. Good evening sweety! (Lol) it was my first time to purchase lipstick (Yes, indeed, it was my very first time) Haha. I use lip balms, tints before and sometimes I borrowed from my sis. I remember my early years, Im not into makeups or putting any chuvachuchu on my face. Yes, im contended on baby powders before. Haha. But I love wearing black eyeliner and mascara on my eyes. Oops! About my first lipstick it is from Avon, It goes like Nature’s lipstick I guess and the color is “Wild Rose”. It comes with a free pouch. Thats the main reason why I bought one. Haha. Oh anyway, have I told you before that Im an Avon lady? (Yes, I sell Avon) (That means). On my own opinion, the color is good but I think it does not suits me. (Tell me the truth) (Pleaseeee). Oh dont look on my eyebags. Or you die. (Lol) Do I look good?





Two weeks ago, typhoon “Yolanda” strikes Philippines. It is said to be the strongest typhoon that landfalls the earth. Sadly, Philippines experience this tragic moment. Many people died, almost all the infrastructures on the places that hits “Yolanda” were destroyed. Including schools, churches, malls, houses and people livelihood also disappear. Some islands on Visayas were totally destroyed by this typhoon. Many families today have no shelter, no foods, no life at all. It hurts to see kids suffer and people experiencing trauma of what had happen. It would take a lot of time to cope up and heal their wounded hearts. We must be strong and we should pray at all times. God has a plan for us. Just keep the faith on him and he will do the rest. I hope God will hear their weeping hearts and send blessings for them. People who never experience this should be thankful and do good things while their living. Let us take care of our MotherNature. Lets help people who are in need of us. In God, we trust.